Sunny has completed his level 1 Functional Dry Needling (IMS) course and will complete his level 2 later this year.  Sunny is continuously working on improving his knowledge of manual therapy and therapeutic exercises to provide patients with the most effective forms of rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Sunny’s primary physiotherapy approach focuses on a combination of manual therapy and exercise. Therapeutic modalities are used as per clients needs, but are not the focal point.  Sunny strongly believes in providing the patient with an adequate amount of 1 on 1 interaction in order to focus on the areas of interest. It is his belief that the relationship between patient and practitioner is vital to the success of the treatment. An equal amount of work and effort is required from both parties in order to achieve the desired goal.

In his spare time, Sunny enjoys an active lifestyle playing basketball and working out at the gym. Being physically active is Sunny’s way of relaxing and spending time away from his day-to-day activities. Sunny also frequents his barber and enjoys trying various forms of cuisines in order to decompress and enjoy the different tastes of life.